Apple Hill was super fun; I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! Pictures are uploaded onto our Gallery section. :)

If you couldn’t make it, it’s alright. You didn’t miss out on much aside from 20+ pounds of all you can pick apples for $15, endless apple variety samples, apple butter sampling, apple wine sampling, and quite a lot of fun! :P

Keep checking your emails for our next upcoming event announcements!



What is this?: Visit to Campbell’s Tomato Processing Plant

Who can go?: NSR Members (club fees must be paid)

When is it?: This Friday (10/14/11) afternoon ~3pm, visit will take ~2 hours

Where is it?: Dixon, ~10 miles from UC Davis, transportation will be provided

Why should I be interested?: Tomatoes are the 2nd most popular fruit/vegetable in the world (after potatoes). This is a great opportunity to check out how tomatoes are processed. This tomato processing plant will be closing down soon for the end of the season, so the next time this opportunity can present itself, will be next year.

How do I get on the ‘list’?: Email nsr.ucd@ucdavis.edu BEFORE Monday (10/9/11) to RSVP and pay club fees. Space is limited, so let us know as soon as possible!


Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder, if you aren’t on our facebook group, please do not hesitate to join (http://www.facebook.com/groups/18177794061/?notif_t=group_activity)!

If you just have a quick question or comment, our facebook is an excellent way to get a fast response.

– on another note, we will be planning a tour of the Campbell’s plant in Dixon this coming week, if you are interested, email us and stay tuned! Space is limited!!


Our tabling event at the Memorial Union on the 21st was, once again, a success! Thanks for everyone who dropped by to take a survey and/or ask about our club!! For those who did not receive a flyer…

Please join us at our Welcome Party next Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 in Olson 147 at 7:00 pm!

We will be introducing ourselves and talking about upcoming events + plans throughout the year. We will also be serving pizza and soda for everyone.~

Hope to see you all there!!

Welcome Party Flyer Fall 2011

Everyone interested in food and/or nutrition is welcome!


Our first survey of Common Food Misconceptions was a success!! We gave away all of our cupcakes to participants and everybody enjoyed finding out the “truth” behind some of our favorite “health” foods. :)

We will be analyzing the results this week, so check back later for the final results~

If you missed our tabling today at the Silo, take a look at our Gallery for pictures!